Itinerary: Where We Will Go and What We Will See!

Space Center photo
The Space Center! Space Center photo


Saturday May 19:
Registration Noon to 5:00 PM

Sunday May 20:
Riding Day 1
51.6 Miles - Mooresville, Space Center

Monday May 21:
Riding Day 2
49.5 Miles - Cathedral Caverns

Tuesday May 22:
Riding Day 3
43 Miles - Falls Mill
Can be lengthened an additional 28 miles for a total of 71.3 miles for the day. See director for information.

Wednesday May 23:
Riding Day 4
60 Miles - Madison County Lake, Hurricane Valley,
optional 89 miles – Paint Rock Valley

Thursday May 24:
Riding Day 5
49 Miles - Guntersville Dam
optional add Keel Mountain climb to make 58 miles (No AMBA rider has completed this challenge yet!)

Friday May 25:
Riding Day 6
54 Miles - Hobbs Island

Mountain biking:
If you need a break from your road bike, or want additional exercise, you can go mountain biking any day, in Monte Sano State Park or other nearby facilities!

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