Alabama’s Premier Bicycling Event. Staging in Auburn Alabama!
May 18-24, 2019

What is AMBA?

AMBA is...

Alabama's Magnificent Bicycle Adventure 2019 is a multi-day bicycle ride which visits historic and interesting sites around Auburn. Explore and get to know the culture, nature, and history of Alabama. Up to six days of riding. Daily remote starts, to which you drive yourself, offer diversity in experiences.

What Makes AMBA Different from other Multi-day Rides?

• AMBA is staged in one location.

• Set up and break down camp once or stay in one hotel room all week.

• Your vehicle is available in the evening to further explore the area and to reach evening entertainment.

• Family and friends can join you at the days feature and you can sup together in the evening or enjoy the nightlife of this college town.

Check Out these Exciting Alabama Sites To Visit During the Tour!

• Staging is in Chewacla State Park which features a lake for swimming and non-motored boating, challenging hiking and destination worthy mountain bike trails (over 25 miles), two creeks, and a waterfall built by the CCC.

Horseshoe Bend Military Park – The fate of the Native Americans and Andrew Jackson converged and change at this scenic location in an epic battle.

Confederate Naval Museum – Showcase the war technology used to defend the ports and rivers of the confederacy.

Infantry Museum – Built to honor the brave foot soldier who fought for our freedom.

Tuskegee Airmen Museum – Honors black pilots who braved prejudice and broke down barriers, so they could serve their country.

George Washington Carver Museum – Displays the many contributions this scientist made to improve our world.

Martin Lake Hydro Electric Dam – Go down inside and discover the workings of modern hydro-electric facility.

• Tallassee – An old mill town which provide textiles for many generations and once housed a confederate armory.

West Point Lake– Scenic man-made lake that straddles the Alabama-Georgia state lines.

Or take a day off and visit the

City of Montgomery – Many Civil Rights and Civil War sites are located here.

Want to Contact the Ride Leader?

Peter Sleeping
If you have any questions that are not answered on this website, feel free to contact Peter Wolf at! (Be sure to check out the FAQ page first however!)

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